Skadia Technologies and the Underwater Bait Setter was amongst the 40 businesses selected from a pool of 151 applicants to pitch at this year’s Fish 2.0 Global Investors Forum. A vast diversity of business from Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Norway, the Pacific Islands, the Philippines, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S, pitched to a packed house with over 200 investors, entrepreneurs, and ocean and seafood experts.

The pitching competition was fierce, with an incredible diversity of innovative ideas ranging from:

  • offshore aquaculture ventures,
  • online international wholesale seafood marketplaces,
  • making fish food from barley and microbes,
  • underwater drones that look like fish,
  • high tech environmental monitoring,
  • environmentally friendly packaging,
  • growing algae and urchins and of course
  • the Underwater Bait Setter.

A critical part of the Fish 2.0 Global Investors Forum was the action in the breaks where innovators and investors had the chance for one on one discussions to explore the innovations and promote and evaluate ideas. In the journey from concept to reality, Skadia Technologies has made enormous steps, and the interest shown at Fish 2.0 demonstrates that we are on the right path to commercialising the Underwater Bait Setter in 2020.

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