Helping fishermen
catch fish,
not birds

The Underwater Bait Setter keeps birds off baits, and baits on hooks.

The Challenges

Longline fishing is a tough business with many days spent at sea in difficult conditions. For those that fish the southern oceans, there are additional challenges. South of 25 degrees, albatrosses and petrels hunt in large numbers and often take baits, reducing the effectiveness of fishing.

The Underwater Bait Setter solves this problem by setting hooks underwater, reducing bait loss and eliminating seabird bycatch.

Prevents bait loss
and improves fish catch

Eliminates seabird bycatch without the need for other mitigation methods

Makes longline fishing more profitable
and sustainable

The Underwater Bait Setter

The Underwater Bait Setter is reliable, cost-effective, easy to use and environmentally friendly. It is proven as a stand-alone bycatch mitigation measure and will enable fishing at any time of the day, on any part of the ocean without the need for night setting or tori lines.

Easy To Use

Designed and tested for
difficult conditions

Reliable and Long Lasting

A 12-year life span with a standard maintenance schedule

Cost Effective

Short payback period and no on-going costly consumables

Environmentally friendly

Doesn’t release any plastic or
metal into the ocean

You're in good company

Users can see the benefits. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received.

“The most important thing for me is that I want to introduce a new concept to the sailors and members of the crew – the concept of responsible fishing – it means avoiding, so far as possible, seabird mortality and irresponsible fishing.”

“It's easy to use. It keeps bait off the surface and it stops the birds following. It reduces bait loss, and does away with the need for a tori line and night setting.”

Purchase Options

Two ways to have the Underwater Bait Setter installed.