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Can it be used on my boat?

The Underwater Bait Setter will fit any surface longliner operating at around 1000-1500 hooks per set. It is mounted on the stern of the vessel adjacent to the mainline and hydraulics can be run directly off the main engine or with a stand-alone powerpack. Trials are also underway to adapt the Bait Setter to suit deep-set vessels setting 3,000 to 4,000 hooks per set.

Can it be used with my hooks and lines?

Yes it can – we can accommodate a range of hook sizes.

How easy is it to use?

Very easy – all that the crew needs to do is to put a bait on a hook, put the bait in the capsule and press the button. We provide an easy-to-use operation manual as well as a step-by-step introductory training session.

How long to train my crew?

It generally takes one- two hours to train your crew.

How deep can I set a bait?

4-10m – Can be pre-set to the appropriate depth, but this also changes the cycle time. See the cycle time table.

Is it compliant with my fishery?

We are currently working with ACAP and WCPFC to have the Underwater Bait Setter approved as a best practice for eliminating seabird bycatch. We are also exploring the process to have the Bait Setter approved for the New Zealand domestic fishery.

Is it safe?

The Underwater Bait Setter is safe when used and maintained in accordance with the manual. It removes the need for line weighting, tori lines and night setting – all of which present their own safety concerns for crews.

Catch Rates

Will it affect my catch?

Yes it will – it is proven that the Underwater Bait Setter can prevent seabirds from following boats, which means you keep more bait on hooks and improve your catch.

Will I have to change how we ‘shoot and haul’?

No you won’t – uses conventional mainline and snoods – fish as you have always fished.

Will it stop whale/shark depredation?

The Underwater Bait Setter is designed to prevent seabird (albatrosses and petrels) bycatch. It will not stop whale or sharkdepredation.




How is it maintained, and what do we need to do?

If you choose the lease option, maintenance is included in your monthly payment. Skadia will deploy a technician once per year to service your Bait Setter. If you purchase a unit outright, we will provide a maintenance schedule. We will also provide spare and replacement parts, and service on-site if required.

What if something goes wrong?

We are on call to assist as needed. We are exploring in-country maintenance representatives for key jurisdictions.

How reliable is it?

The Underwater Bait Setter is reliable and predictable.It has undergone thousands of hours of testing in all conditions.


Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Absolutely! The Underwater Bait Setter generally pays for itself in 12 months. See the calculator.

How does it compare to…(bird-scaring lines, night setting, line weighting)?

The Underwater Bait Setter stops birds following boats. So it eliminates the root cause. No other methods do this. It also ensures that more baits remain on hooks to catch fish. In addition, in rough seas, it does not tangle with the mainline (like Tori lines), reduces the need for line weighting and will allow fishermen to fish by day. These multiple benefits provide a big advantage over the long-term.

Has it been scientifically tested?

The Underwater Bait Setter has been exhaustively tested. Published peer-reviewed science provide the proof that that it can eliminate seabird bycatch.